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Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding/event, a very joyous, exciting and busy time!  Enter, the white orchid floral design online store of popular wedding/event floral designs from the white orchid portfolio, to find the easiest and quickest way to order flowers for your wedding/event.

Created by Kyla Helgeson, floral designer, with over 10 years experience in creating wedding flowers.  Your wedding order will be sent directly to Kyla to personally review, then all details will be confirmed with you, including the date of your wedding (subject to availability), floral items required and location for delivery.  On your wedding day you will recieve the same high quality wedding flowers as per your order that the white orchid floral design has become known for.  Simply follow these easy steps to quote your requirements and place an order.

  • Orders are for Adelaide, South Australia, Bridal and Event Clients only.  
  • Delivery is only available to Adelaide (5000) and surrounding areas. 
  • Orders placed outside these areas unfortunately cannot be serviced. 
  • Minimum order spend $500.00 (inc GST).
  • Orders cannot be taken any further than 18 months before the wedding/event date.
  • Orders cannot be taken any less than 30 days prior to the wedding/event date.

Step 1

Browse the collections of floral designs, customise options then add the items to your cart.

Step 2

In the delivery & setup collection, add your required delivery and setup options to your cart.

Step 3

When you are ready to checkout, click the checkout button, don't forget to select your wedding/function date on the checkout page!

Step 4

Complete your order, note, no payment is required to submit an order. We will confirm your order with you personally.

The online store gives you an indication of the quality of wedding flower product and pricing from the white orchid floral design. If you require floral designs that are not listed in the white orchid online store, therefore your wedding/event requires a personalised consultation and detailed quote, please contact the white orchid floral design to arrange an appointment time. One hour consultations and the time to provide a detailed quote incurs a fee of $100.00 (inc GST). This fee comes off of the total amount when booking wedding/event florals with the white orchid floral design.

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